MobiCount is a solar powered realtime radar counting system. Easy and quick mounting at the roadside with accurate and straightforward acquisition of traffic data. No need for any construction work, no interruption of the flow of traffic.

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You get all the metrics in realtime using our power-efficient NB-IoT communication


Speed information of the vehicles with an accuracy of  ± 0.5% and a range reporting from 1 to 60m


Every data-point contains the direction. We count up to 4 lanes depending on the installation height.

Vehicle type

Our algorithm defines the type of vehicle. We detect cars, trucks, busses and even bicycles.

Our data-as-a-service model (DaaS)

NGSI-LD compatible

Open Smart City standard
Based on the “TrafficFlowObserved” model
Easy integration as a context broker
Optional dashboard with detailed insights
Powered by Microsoft Azure
Get to know more about NGSI-LD

Our Story

Open, standardised Smart City solutions that bring value

Who are we?

MobiCount is solution engineered by the Aptus Smart City division. We’re a Belgium based smart tech company.

We are a team of technology professionals bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world using hardware, connectivity solutions and software. We offer project-based services and we engineer our own smart solutions based on demands of the market.

Our mission

We believe in an open and connected world where we use technology in that way that it brings value to the people and the planet.

The Aptus Smart City division can be seen as a trusted partner for (local) governments. We focus on providing knowledge about Open Smart Cities. Next to that, we build open smart city solutions from A to Z.

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